Ohio Attorney General Files Claim Against Car Warranty Robocaller

Yost Launches Legal Action Against Texas Companies Behind Billions of Illegal Robocalls 6/9/2020

Action against robocaller for car warranty

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today joined six other states in filing suit against a pair of Texas businesses accused of blasting billions of illegal robocalls, including over 59 million calls to Ohioans.

The federal lawsuit alleges that two companies are behind a bombardment of robocalls offering extended car warranties and health care services. Yost’s new Robocall Enforcement Unit is handling Ohio’s portion of the case.

More than 70 complaints reported to the Robocall Enforcement Unit were tied to the companies.

1. Robocalling Cloaking Telephone Numbers

Evidence shows the defendants illegally engaged in caller ID spoofing in an effort to mislead and defraud victims. They also are accused of targeting phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry and of playing prerecorded messages without prior consent from call recipients.

Yost and attorneys general from Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas allege in their lawsuit the company violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and state consumer protection laws. and seeks civil penalties and a permanent injunction to stop the defendants from violating federal and state law.

2. Proving a Car Warranty Claim 

Companies may use misleading names, hide corporate entities, and misstate their involvement.  

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Creditor and Do Not Call List

I am on the do not call list but they calling about Car Warranties

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