Documenting the Call

No we never called, I think you make a mistake.

Just as they work to evade laws, telemarketers work to evade punishment. There are several ways to strengthen your case.

1. Documenting the Call

There are several ways to document a call. You can take a snapshot of the caller ID, and then try to confirm with various sources that this is a telemarketer. Where it is lawful, calls can be recorded. Many telephone companies will provide a printout of calls received which confirms that it was made.

2. Corroboration

Similar incidents are persuasive for a lawyer or judge. Check Better Business Bureau and other online sources for other complaints about do not call violations. Some clients can check state sources for similar complaints, or the Pacer index for federal lawsuits.

3. Claim presentation

Once you’ve documented a violation, general procedure is to provide a demand letter. Then the question will be whether the company will voluntarily pay compensation for its violation or if legal action will be needed. Our office presents claims on a contingency basis.

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