Robocall Victims Seeking Justice

Protect Yourself from Solar Xchange Telemarketers: A Guide for Robocall Victims Seeking Justice

Have you ever received endless robocalls selling solar panels, with promises of huge savings and eco-friendly living? You’re not alone.

A New Jersey-based telemarketing company, Solar Xchange LLC, also known as Energy Exchange, recently faced fines for making ‘tens of millions’ of robocalls to individuals who had signed up for the Federal Do Not Call Registry. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed that thousands of customers reported receiving numerous calls from the company, with some receiving over 100 calls each.

These Solar Xchange telemarketers went as far as lying about their affiliations with utility companies or government agencies and misleading customers about potential savings from installing solar panels on their homes. But there’s hope for the victims seeking justice, and this article aims to guide you on how to protect yourself from such illegal robocall schemes.

The Deception Schemes of Solar Xchange Telemarketers

Solar Xchange telemarketers, in partnership with Vision Solar, engaged in deceptive practices to generate leads for their solar panel sales. They sourced consumers’ telephone numbers from third-party lead generators and initiated outbound calls, falsely identifying themselves as “Energy Exchange” to avoid immediate hang-ups from wary recipients.

Their scripts misled people into believing they were affiliated with government entities or electric utility companies, exploiting their trust to schedule in-home consultations with Vision Solar salespeople. False claims of substantial savings on energy bills and the promise of hassle-free installations were used to lure unsuspecting consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Crackdown

The Federal Trade Commission took decisive action against Solar Xchange and Vision Solar to protect consumers from illegal robocalls and deceptive telemarketing practices. The complaint filed by the federal Department of Justice revealed that Solar Xchange telemarketers placed over 150,000 calls to different phone numbers at least 50 times each, and over 12,000 phone numbers were called over 100 times each.

This relentless barrage of calls, despite consumers being on the Do Not Call Registry, led to the imposition of $13.8 million in civil penalties. While most of the fines were suspended, the companies were still required to pay a substantial amount as a settlement.

Holding the Violators Accountable

The defendants in this case include Solar Xchange LLC, Vision Solar, and the owner of Solar Xchange, Mark Getts. The complaint alleges that Mark Getts played a pivotal role in formulating scripts, purchasing phone numbers, and overseeing contracts with telephone service providers.

Vision Solar was also named as a defendant, accused of using Solar Xchange’s robocalls to engage in abusive telemarketing practices. Despite denying any liability, Solar Xchange and Mr. Getts accepted a nominal settlement to avoid prolonged legal battles against a well-resourced government agency.

Empowering Robocall Victims

If you’re among the victims of Solar Xchange’s deceptive robocall campaigns, you have the right to seek justice. The law prohibits telemarketers from calling numbers registered on the Do Not Call Registry, and engaging in abusive or harassing telemarketing practices. By standing up against these violations, you not only protect yourself but also help prevent others from falling prey to such scams.

Seeking Legal Assistance and Free Consultation

Our law firm understands the frustration and annoyance caused by robocalls from Solar Xchange telemarketers. If you have received multiple unsolicited calls despite being on the Do Not Call Registry, or if you believe you have been deceived by false claims from Solar Xchange and Vision Solar, we are here to help. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to fighting for the rights of robocall victims and seeking justice on your behalf.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation. We’ll assess your case, answer your questions, and guide you through the process of seeking compensation for the damages caused by these illegal robocalls. Together, we can put an end to the deceptive practices of Solar Xchange telemarketers and ensure a safer environment for consumers. Don’t suffer in silence – take action and protect your rights.


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