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First many people do not know about legal remedies and a good number do buy from telemarketers. With an international economy and new technology, a company can make hundreds of calls to potential customers. While some people may complain, few do more. Governmental entities like the FTC and FCC may only take action when the calls number in the millions or complaints are in the thousands.
NO payment is needed from our client and our fees come from the settlement or a separate allocation by the company. We have resolved a number of claims involving:
  • Medical products
  • Solar Energy or energy suppliers
  • Vacation programs
  • Auto warranty providers

We will present a claim to the telemarketer and have secured compensation in a number of cases. Since there is now a charge, that company is unlikely to call again.

TCPA Answers to Common Questions

Unsolicited calls to any person registered on the Do Not Call List Violate the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

They are particular rules telemarketers must follow to show they are not deliberately contacting consumers.

The Do Not Call registration does not apply to businesses. You cannot register a number to a business. However, some rules apply to a business too.

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