How To Stop Telemarketing Calls

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act punishes those who make unsolicited phone calls to people on the Do Not Call List. The Act also prohibits telemarketers from using automatic dialing systems and pre-recorded voice messages to call you without your prior consent. How do you stop calls? The simple answer is that filing claims will eliminate many if not most.

The law provides for a 500 to 1,500 penalty and payment of attorney’s fees.  Companies obviously do not want to pay these penalties and count on a lack of familarity with the law.  If you file several claims, you will likely find that the calls diminish and you can enjoy your dinner or at home time in peace.

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Here are some typical violations:

  • “Robocalls” on your cell phone without consenting to receive such calls. Robocalls are made using equipment or software that dials phone numbers without human intervention. Signs of robocalls include prerecorded or artificial voices, calls that result in hang-ups, or long periods of silence before a live person comes on the line;
  • Calls on your residential landline that used an artificial or prerecorded voice, and you did not provide written consent to receive such calls.


Researching Robocall Claims

There are several steps to research a robocall claim.

  1. Correct Company Name
    The first step is getting the company name and if possible its location. Sometimes that is not easy, as many companies know they are violating the Do Not Call law and do not readily give up their name. Sometimes patience is needed to draw the caller out.
  2. Similar Do Not Call Violations

    A basic Google search may reveal similar violations. Google Scholar and Casetext may provide you with cases involving compensation for violations. The federal Pacer website contains a list of previously filed federal cases and is accessible for a small charge. You may find other claims with the same telemarketer

  3. Government and Other Information Sources
Site Name
  1. Federal Government Do Not Call Website
  2. Better Business Bureau Site
  3. Class Action List
  4. FTC site
  5. FAQs On Our Site
  6. FCC page on robocalls and texts
  7. Texas Site
  8.  FCC Website
  9. New York Site
Brief Description
  1. Registration
  2. Good place to check for other violations.
  3. Site for Do Not Call Class Action Settlements
  4. The FTC regulates robocalls.
  5. Learn about how to stop robocalls and get compensation for calls.
  6. FCC help guide on robocalls and texts
  7. State Site
  8. Learn about caller ID spoofing.
  9.  State site.