Are There Two Do Not Call Lists- the Official One Telemarketers Ignore and the One They Follow?

I know you are on the Do Not Call List but let me explain the savings we can offer you.

Do telemarketers ignore the Do Not Call List (even when people say stop calling) and only pay attention when they have been sued. Here is a post from a defendant’s blog noting the existence of a second Do Not Call list telemarketer

With its potential for lucrative statutory damages, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) attracts serial litigants like moths to a flame.  In response, some businesses are trying to help callers avoid calling numbers associated with serial litigants by providing serial litigator lists. Blindbid, Inc., operating as TCPA Litigator List, is one such company that notifies callers about serial litigants that file lawsuits under consumer protection statutes, in particular under the TCPA. See Shelton v. Blindbid Inc., No. 1:19CV1205, 2019 WL 4451376 (N.D. Ohio Sept. 17, 2019) .

If you have received multiple multiple telemarketing solicitations, we can show you how to stop most of the calls and get compensation.

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Can you help find a way to stop these constant calls from telemarketers.

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