Home warranty Telemarketing Solicitations and Deceptive trade

  1. Home Warranty Class Actions: Class actions have been filed against various telemarketers including home warranty companies. The claims allege deception, mistatement of benefits, and solicitations violating the federal Do Not Call Law and state statutes and regulations.
  2. Settlement If you have been a victim of do not call violation or deceptive marketing practices, you may be entitled to compensation. Our office generally handles such claims on a contingency basis (see http://www.contingencylawyernjny.com) with payment for legal fees upon settlement.
  3. Enforcement Action Against Home Warranty Companies: Several state attorney generals have announced an enforcement action against companies for deceptive home warranty coverage emphasizing the need to address deceptive practices in the industry [4].
  4. Do Not Call and TCPA Violations The Telemarketing Sales Rule, as directed by the Telemarketing Act, prohibits deceptive or abusive telemarketing practices. This encompasses practices that mislead or deceive consumers, emphasizing the importance of transparency and honesty in telemarketing interactions [6]. The Competition Act in Canada also addresses deceptive telemarketing to protect consumers and businesses from misleading practices

These legal actions highlight the importance of consumer awareness and regulatory measures to address deceptive practices in the home warranty industry.

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