Strengthening Penalties for Violating New York’s No-Call Registry

Strengthening Penalties for Violating New York’s No-Call Registry

In a significant development, the New York Assembly has taken a step forward in addressing the persistent issue of telemarketers violating the state’s do-not-call registry law. With an overwhelming majority vote, the Assembly approved a crucial legislation that seeks to amplify the penalties imposed on such violators. The proposed measure, which cleared the Assembly by a vote of 146-1, aims to elevate the fine for contacting individuals who have enlisted themselves in the Do Not Call Registry to an imposing $20,000.

Promoting Peaceful Phone Usage

Assemblymember Alex Bores expressed pride in witnessing the resounding support from colleagues on both sides of the political spectrum as the bill advances to the Senate. According to Bores, the bill’s progression is a triumph for all New Yorkers who are weary of unsolicited calls and yearn for the ability to answer their phones in tranquility. The Assembly’s resolute backing of this legislation signifies a unified front against the infringement of personal privacy through unwelcome telemarketing.

A History of Progress

While this legislation has previously received approval in the state Assembly during earlier years, it has yet to navigate through the state Senate. However, the current momentum generated by the overwhelming support in the Assembly ignites hope that the Senate will recognize the urgency of this matter and take decisive action to protect the rights of New York residents.

The Persistent Problem

In spite of the existence of the Do Not Call Registry, consumers continue to report an influx of unwanted calls, highlighting the persistent nature of the issue. It is distressing that despite their efforts to protect their privacy, individuals are still being subjected to incessant and unwelcome telemarketing calls. Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes underscored the significance of the Do Not Call Registry, emphasizing that enlisting in the registry should serve as an effective deterrent to unsolicited telemarketing calls. However, the presence of unscrupulous entities that circumvent the law and harass New Yorkers necessitates stronger measures to be implemented.


The New York Assembly’s recent advancement of legislation to intensify penalties for violating the state’s no-call registry law is a significant step toward ensuring the privacy and tranquility of residents. By raising the fines to an unprecedented $20,000, the Assembly has sent a clear message that the violation of personal privacy will not be tolerated. As the bill now awaits Senate approval, the hopes and expectations of countless New Yorkers rest on the legislators’ commitment to safeguarding their rights and putting an end to unwelcome telemarketing disruptions.

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