Loan Robocalls and Do Not Call List

Among other robocalls, people are receiving calls about loans and mortgage. If you are registered on the do not call list or received a call on a cellphone, you may be entitled to compensation.

Loan Calls Class Action

A class action has been filed against Loan Depot alleging the company made repeated solicitations to people on the Do Not Call List. The Court rejected a company motion to dismiss the case.

The Court first noted the purpose of the TCPA:

“In 1991, Congress enacted the TCPA as a response to the proliferation of intrusive calls from telemarketers. The law sought to safeguard the public’s interest in personal privacy and, to that end, prohibits multiple abuses of telephone technology. Applicable to this litigation are the ATDS and Do Not Call provisions of the TCPA.” Rosenberg v. LoanDEPOT. (D. Mass. 2020).

If you received unwanted calls, you may be eligible to be part of a class action or receive individual compensation.

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